Sealogica is an exclusive raw whole food blend of 7 wild-harvested sea vegetables, harvested from the coldest waters from around the world, in their region of origin.

  • Ascophyllum Nodosum ,

    is a large, common brown sea vegetable from the northern Atlantic Ocean, also known as Norwegian Kelp, KNotted Kelp or Knotted Wrack. Chemical and nutritional analyses indicate that if contains vitamins such as thiamine,folic and vitamin C, and amino acids and minerals such as sodium, potassium,calcium,iron and iodine,according to the Journal of Nutrition.
  • Chondrus Crispus ,

    known under the common name Irish Moss or Carrageen Moss, is a species of red sea vegetables which grows abundantly along the Northern Atlantic coastline.It is rich in iodine and sulfur.
  • Fucus Vesiculosus ,

    known by the common names Bladder Wrack, Red Wrack, Red Fucus and Sea Oak, is found in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, Primary chemical constituents of this plant include mucilage, algin,mannitol,beta-carotene,iodine,bromine,potassium and many other minerals.
  • Fucus Evanescens ,

    is an Arctic species, originatio\ng in the North Atlantic.As with other browm sea vegetables, it is very high in magnesium and high in protein, vitamin A, iodine, bromine and phosphorous. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E and an extensive list of minerals such as potassium,calcium,sodium,sulfur,chloride,silicon,iron,manganese,copper,zinc,titanium and trace elements.
  • Laminaria

    is a genus of 31 species of large, brown sea vegetables, all sharing the common name of Kelp. Aside from its high vitamin B-12 and mineral content, Kelp has strong anticarcinogenic properties.Also, the sodium alginate in Kelp has been shown to reduce the body's absorption of radiation.
  • Porphyra

    may be the most domesticated marine sea vegetable, also known as laver, or nori.Containing more vitamin C than oranges and minerals that include manganese, copper and selenium. It is particularly high in trace elements such as zinc.
  • Ulva Lactuca

    a bright green sea vegetable in the division Chlorophyta, is also known by the common name Sea Lettuce. It is high protein and a variety of vitamins(A,B1,C) and minerals (potassium, magnesium,calcium) especially iron.